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Thursday, November 23, 2017 spacer
Jay Fisher

Ah yes, it's that wonderful time of year. Time to clean up the bar-b-que grill, break out the lounge chairs and of course freshen up my Mai Tai recipe.  I just wanted to write about all the things we love about Spring.

     1.  The Weather
           Time to pack away the coats and bust out the bikinis! It will soon be in the 80's, then  90's  so           enjoy a little nice weather...

     2.  Wardrobe
           Okay guys, time to break out the flip flops and board shorts and girls shorts and tank tops
            Flaunt it if you got it!  You kept your New Year's resolution, right?

     3.  Vacations
           It's not only time to start thinking about your Summer Vacation but how about the Spring 
           Weekend get a ways, golfing with the guys, girls trip or romantic getaways.

     4.  Sports
           Wow, isn't this great? We have baseball, NBA playoffs, Hockey Playoffs, and the Masters.
            Who's making Tiger prop bets? Does it get any better than this?

     5.  Food
           After a Winter full of comfort food, it's time for grilling, salads, fresh fruit, lemonade, iced tea
           and yes homemade ice cream. (or better yet late night trips to Dairy Queen!)

     6.  Spring Cleaning
           It's not as bad as it sounds. Open up your doors and windows, let some fresh air in.
           In this economy, make some money and have a garage sale.

     7.  Home Safety Check
          I know you don't like hearing this, but change the batteries in your smoke alarms and replace 
          your air conditioning filters. Don't forget to change your  watering schedule or you know the
          big bad Water District will come after you.        

     8.  Outdoors
           Oh yea! The great outdoors: camping, golfing, hiking, fishing, boating and outdoor concerts.
            Maybe  even time to plant a garden.

     9.  Family Time
          Not only are there outdoor bar-b-que's, but how about family get togethers for Memorial Day
          Mother's Day and Father's Day.

     10. Very Important!! Ha Ha
            It might be a good time to dust off your insurance policies and let us review them. Why not,
            it only takes a few minutes and when was the last time you stopped by and said Hi? Call 
            me at 702-254-7774.



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